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29. Soul

Sales price: £33.00
Description Soul is part of our new Body Freedom Range.  With these two new essences, violet-magenta "Soul" and yellow-gold "Power", we have a power pack for anyone who would like to experience more freedom in their body, particularly with regard to weight and body image issues.   Body Freedom reconnects you to the deliciousness of life and helps you restore the true freedom of your own natural power so that your relationship to your body and to food – whatever that may currently be - may return to balance.  Imagine a body that is free from addictive patterns and free from judgements of what it should or should not be.  Imagine a body that is free to move lightly and powerfully, a body that is free to be a powerful vehicle for your magnificence.  Imagine no longer being a slave to your appetite, your stomach, your cravings.  Imagine experiencing freedom right here in your body, all the way down to your cells.  This exciting new Body Freedom range from Colour Mirrors was especially created to support you in re-discovering that freedom by helping you undo and release the judgements that keep you from experiencing it.

“Soul” essence may be used before meals to reconnect to you with your spirit and help you move away from eating for any reason other than to fuel the body and to keep it healthy, energised and happy.  It is a connector, re-establishing your link to your higher self so that you can break free of the limiting patterns and limited viewpoints that keep you from experiencing true body freedom.  Soul is a combination of magenta - Divine Love - and violet - connection to source/spirit/all that is.  This combination is named Soul because it is about reconnecting with the part of you that never judges you or your body.  Your soul knows only love.

Soul is designed to be used in conjunction with the second Body Freedom essence, Power, rather than on its own. Find out more about the Body Freedom Range here.