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59. G8. - Illumination

Sales price: £33.00
Description This bottle is the darkest of the entire range. It is called Illumination as it is only by going into the darkness and embracing it that we have the potential to step into the light. By embracing the shadow we release the judgement and the fear of the unspeakable that we all hold within our shadows and only by facing that can we get beyond it to a place where creation of our reality can take place. We create our reality all the time. Everything we have in our lives exists because we created it, albeit unconsciously.  G8 is there to help us go into that heart of darkness in our subconscious and begin to feel the warmth and depth and support that exist there. It is the seat of all potential. It is that moment when sleep finally overtakes us. The void. The place of dreams.

This bottle helps us to clear our genetic lines and what we have inherited physically and karmically. The "sins" of the fathers can no longer be visited on the children once the past darkness has been illuminated. This is the bottle to use to clear issues with the physical body as it illuminates what we believe about our bodies and being physical. It is the ultimate support in helping us to create our reality. By focusing on what we desire to create and generate this bottle helps us clear unconscious blocks and bring clarity into what stops us from claiming our absolute magnificence.