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Thank You! You were so right about everything we chatted about..." (Karen, Ohio)

"Very insightful and relevant Colour Mirrors reading with Amanda today. And such gorgeous colours! It felt like playing yet delivered deepening understanding of my gifts, challenges and potential." (Cassandra, Worcestershire)

"I had a most fantastic meditation at the beginning of the session, full or imagery and colour, which amazed me as i am a non visual person!" (Lisa, Worcestershire)

"I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic session I had with you. I thought you were very insightful and I appreciated your  listening skills. I am looking forward to listening to the recording again to examine what was said more closely." (Mary, Warwick)


"Dear Amanda, thank you! thank you! Awesome and then some...the best fifteen quids worth in ages, on lots of levels." (Paul, Bromsgrove)

"Thank You for a wonderful day. Feeling a bit floaty after the heart chakra meditation."  (Shelley, Solihull)

I just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed todays colour session. Really interesting work. (Jaki, Solihull)

I thorough enjoyed the Colour Therapy Workshop with you last Friday, where we covered a wide a wide variety of topics that interlink with this interesting subject.  It was fascinating what you were able to tell  me about myself and what the impact colour has had and currently has on my life and relationships.  Indicators given regarding the next steps in 2015 were also really beneficial and have made me feel so much more calmer, confident and reassured as to the way forward. Thank you once again.  (Angela, Balsall Common)