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My services are mainly face to face, so that you can relax on my therapy couch, but I can provide coaching sessions on-line as well as via Skype or in person

Access Consciousness Introductory Session

I am based near Solihull and also work from the Amethyst Centre in Ball Hill, Coventry. To arrange your first a 1-hour appointment email me via the  Contact Form or via the Amethyst Centre.

You have the option to pay through this website (buy button below) or in cash or by cheque on arrival for your session.
An Access session will work on 32 points on your head whilst you relax and empty your mind. Its like defragmenting the hard drive on your computer, removing all of the old junk that keeps you awake at night. At worst you will feel  like you have had a relaxing head massage. Or it might just change your life.

A course of 4 weekly or monthly sessions are recommended to begin to see changes in yourself and your life. The first session in at a reduced rate, so why not try it today?

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£35 Buy Now

Kanza Ayurveda facial

IMG 0357

Relax and unwind whilst the bronze base of the kanza tool releases tensions in your scalp, neck and shoulders before working on the marma points on your face to relax fine lines and wrinkles. A face-lift, head massage and facial all within one treatment

£49 Buy Now