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Colour Mirrors Courses

Expansion Through Colour

A two day retreat to allow yourself the space and opportunity to experience how colour heals for yourself.  You wont learn why or how colour works. Instead you will feel it for yourself.  An opportunity for you to heal any issue you want in your life.
This course offers a retreat to immerse yourself in colour. No notes need be taken, no  manuals. No prior knowledge. Just relaxation, self exploration and readings for guidance and healing.  anyone is welcome.

Event Date: TBA
Price: £150
Location: Balsall Common

Colour Practitioner

A nine day course presented over three months with homework exercises.

Become a certified Colour Mirrors Practitioner to offer your clients a variety of readings, chakra balancing and healing sessions.

The programme includes the study of:

-The spiritual psychology of 19 colours
-New chakra colours and why they are evolving
-How colour identifies and transforms sub-conscious patterns
-Energy techniques used when working with clients
-The power of colour as a healing system
-How to set up and be a spiritual practitioner in business

This is a transformational course - your life will change.

An option of 4 installments is available for payment of fee. If you would like to use this option, please contact Amanda.

Your fee includes support for when you begin to practice and need guidance on any confidence or client issues.

Event Date: TBA
Price: £1,100
Location: Balsall Common