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Colour Mirrors

cm logo A consultation using the Colour Mirrors bottles is a fabulous way to experience how colour works as a therapy and a guide offering insights into any part of your life that you feel you want to change.

There are many different types of consultations that I can offer - I am guided by you and your requirements, along with our own higher guidance. Colour is a language your body and soul already recognise even if you have never worked with it before and healing with colour is a natural and instinctive process. You may feel energies moving through you during a session or feel a physical response like heat or cold as we discuss your issue and desire for change. In a session you are guided by your own instinctive knowing as to which colours you require at any given time, choosing your own colour ‘remedy’ for whatever it is you are working with rather than being instructed or directed by someone else. Most people find this hugely empowering.

Types of Consultations

Colour Consultation

In a basic colour consultation I will ask you to choose bottles from the range that appeal to you. You’ll then arrange the bottles into a pattern and I will interpret and translate the colours and patterns you chose to give insight into where you are presently and where you are going.

Chakra Consultation

The Colour Mirrors Chakra bottles can be used in a number of powerful ways. Placing them on your body during healing can bring deep insights and shifts. I offer chakra balancing using the bottles and may also work with the chakra bottles in a reading to highlight where particular issues reside in your physical body or to indicate where you are holding on to relationship blocks.

Essences Consultation

The Colour Mirrors essences can be used in many ways in consultations. I can use a six-pointed star, with points representing past, present, future aspects, or challenges, gifts and potential. They can also be used to highlight what is going on for you on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Oracle Cards Consultation

I offer several different readings using the Colour Mirrors Oracle Cards. In a similar way to the bottles, the cards can be used with a question to gain an insight; or choosing cards to represent past/present/future aspects in your life. The cards might also be used in conjunction with a bottle reading. I will feel what is needed by each individual during the reading session.

Other Consultations you may like:

Date of Birth Consultation

Date of Birth Reading – using numerology combined with colour to ‘read’ your soul’s blueprint: why you are here, what is your purpose, the main lessons of your life and what you have come to master. This form of reading may also be offered for couples to support and enhance your partnership.

Distance Consultation

For these readings you do not need to visit me. Simply by selecting the bottles or numbers you are drawn to, they can offer insights, support and guidance. These readings are recorded and available to download as an MP3 file or will be posted to you on a CD. For a complete list of my online readings please go to my Colour Readings page.

There really is no limit to the ways in which colour and Colour Mirrors can be used.

You can read more about Colour Mirrors on or join the Colour Mirrors Facebook Group to ask questions and read how others experience this system of transformation.