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Do you talk in your sleep?

Posted by on in Amanda J Miller
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  A few nights ago I had a bad dream.  Not a nightmare, but as someone who loves my bed and my sleep, and looks forward to    the entertainment that my REM time brings, this one wasn't much fun.  I was sleeping on  my back, which is never conducive for great   dreams for me, and part of my mind was asleep, and part was awake. And my eyes were open, with my head turned slightly to the right.    There is a proper name for this eyes-open sleeping, which is nocturnal lagophthalmos (if you were wondering).  I don't see monsters or   demons, nor angels or fairies. I just see what is in the room as normal. But then my sleeping mind intrudes and creates different scenarios.    On this particular occasion, the chest of drawers was moving towards me, and pulsating!  I couldn't move away or stop it, as after all most of   my body was still sleeping. So I decided to call out for help.  My tongue however was still asleep. In my mind I was asking someone (I think in the dream state I was calling my Mum, who doesn't live with me) to come and stop it.  I had completely forgotten that my husband was asleep beside me, and would have been better able to rescue me from lurking furniture.  So I was trying to call my Mum, who not only lives 150 miles away from me in waking life, but would have given me a good scolding if I had done this in real life, for waking her up.  Being unable to co-ordinate proper speech, I could just about manage a series of small, whimpering sounds from the back of my throat.

What happened next was that I found myself shaken from behind.  Thankfully, not by the furniture, but by my husband.  In his words, I was making strange sounds like a character from Scooby Doo (one of the ghosts covered in a white sheet), which set me off giggling.  A giggle in bed before dawn is a nice way of going back to sleep, and changing the dream channel to something nicer. Although I have no memory of what I dreamed of next.  I always find it easier to recall the scary dreams. Do they have a message for me?  Should I be learning something from my moving cabinets?

Since then I have been pondering what makes a good nights sleep and pleasant dreams.  One of my cats, Misty, always sleeps at the bottom of our bed.  She falls asleep within seconds of jumping on, and a few moments later will be snoring contentedly (and cutely).  Although come to think of it, she does sound a little like a cartoon ghost!  When it comes to calm, contentment and an ability to sleep anywhere at the swish of a tail, cats are queens of sleep.  Being a British Blue, Misty certainly has regal bearings, and maybe I have something to learn from her? I also have a red tabby cat too, but he has a different, energetic, defiant personality.  So, let me introduce you to a little Blue Cat Coaching (BCC), rather than Red Cat Coaching.  Do cats dream?  My own experience of watching both of my cats sleep would definitely say yes.  If you have ever watched how their ears and paws twitch, and the movement of their eyes behind closed lids,  you would certainly be led to believe that they are in the REM state.  I think that one of the lessons we can learn from cats is to turn off the self talk. Our ego that tells us where we have gone wrong in our lives.  Oh, to be able to turn off that little nagging voice in my head that replays the days events and sense of failure endlessly.  Maybe you can visualise that voice in your head. Turn it into a vision of a cat. And send it to sleep.

“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I'm awake, you know?”
Ernest Hemingway

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